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Flu jab or not to flu jab??

Hi all I was diagnosed 16 months ago I’m 50 I’m on interferon as Plegridy had my flu jab as I’m a nurse and it’s the done thing but have felt like hell since what are your experiences should I not have had it?????



@erika , there is no issue to your MS with the flu jab.



I'm in the US and got the flu shot on Oct 8 as they prefer you get it at least 2 weeks before the start of an Ocrevus infusion. I had a bit of a sore shoulder at the injection site that puffed up slightly but slowly went away. In contrast my husband (with UC, a different autoimmune issue) got it and had no issues. I understand it is better to be vaccinated and reduce the risk of getting the flu which could cause bigger issues. I put in "Plegridy" into google and it returns Mavenclad...In their site they say not to take Mavenclad if you ..."have had a recent vaccination or are scheduled to receive any vaccinations. You should not receive live or live-attenuated vaccines within the 4 to 6 weeks preceding treatment with MAVENCLAD or receive these types of vaccines during your treatment with MAVENCLAD and unless directed by your healthcare provider." So- confirm you are receiving the "dead" variety of flu shot, as I believe they all are. I know not to get the convenient mist variety that is a live vaccine. I think this drug is one that you take only intermittently through the year? You could check with your Dr office but it is probably best to get the vaccine between your MS treatments and not immediately before or after one.



Thank you it was a dead vaccine I had and my injections are every 2 weeks had my flu shot in the middle of 2 doses so probably did the best I could 😀 xx



@ericka that’s my reason for not having the flu jab.. I’m a nurse too and was having it every year well before ms and my body doesn’t like it so I just tackle it naturally.. sometimes it will work and you will like it and sometimes makes you feel worse so it’s a bit hit an miss really x



I was told by my Doctor not to get the flu shot because I have MS. Is that not true???



@lori I don’t know that’s why I added the post I’ve had conflicting opinions I’ll ask my neurologist in December and go by his advice I’ll post his opinion



I've been getting flu injections years before I was diagnosed with ms . Last year was my 1st year getting it with Ms and also got pneumonia injections same time as my nurse said I should .I got no reactions with it or the flu jab I got again last month



Asked my MS nurse when I was first diagnosed as my GP was concerned. I was on Avonex at the time (awful useless drug) MS nurse said go ahead and it’s important we get them as getting flu could trigger relapse. I’d rather have a few days feeling crap after it than get 🤧 flu . I did feel crap at least 2 days a week like I had flu with interferon /Avonex anyway. Also plegridy is an interferon group of drugs (least effective) and mavenclad is the name for cladribine (a highly effective drug) @itsmewithms