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Hello to you all ;-) Just after some advice after seeing a neurologist who unfortunately was extremely patronising and condescending. So I waited 3 months for this appt and my symptoms started back in the heat of the summer, although some other symptoms have been around for longer than that. I attend my GP in June - July a and Aug worried about pins and needles and my feet and toes feeling numb, I have had blurred vision (checked at opticians and no real concerns just need a slight prescription for reading). I have had bladder symptoms - always needing to go or never going or emptying properly, bowel issues with constipation and urgency. The heat exhausted me in the summer I was so knackered, my left arm and leg felt v weak, my arm didn’t feel like it belonged to me changing gear in the car. These symptoms lasted a few weeks, but dissipated eventually. I had difficulty typing and txting, falling asleep early and generally feeling exhausted all day. I had been put on HRT as they considered perimenopause :-( The HRT made no difference to my symptoms, I’m taking antidepressants as my mood is often up and down (not that anyone would see it as I always look well and smile). Imagine (well I suppose many of you don’t have to imagine as you’ve been there) but waiting and waiting to see a neurologist only to be met with an attitude. Yes she was trying to be nice and reassure me but was patronising. I explained all my symptoms, and she came up with Migraines! I’ve never had those but have had pain behind my eyes and severe headaches that have lasted a couple of days but they haven’t been prominent. She started asking me about my past and relationships and depression.........blah blah..........and stated that some trauma in the past can manifest itself in some of the symptoms I was talking about. She stated to go for counselling or palates!! Of course these things can help I’m not adverse to it. She did some tests and of course I have no symptoms at that point, yes my balance is off, but the finger to nose thing....... a few weeks previously I would not have passed that! I’ve sufferd with back ache and can’t believe I forgot to tell her that, it’s lower back pain and leg pain really not good. So basically I leave knowing she’s booked a head MRI and doesn’t think I have anything to worry about, she certainly doesn’t think it’s MS! (Of course that would be great, but what about how I e been feeling for months?) my cognitive ability is appalling, forget everything and even forgot my partners name of 5years for a whole 10mins - I seriously couldn’t remember it! SO I leave feeling as though she’s basically said I’m bat shit crazy! I’m fed up, frustrated and angry! I’ve had sexual issues (TMI) I’ve got numb parts, and altered sensation on my upper chest I am not making any of this up :-( I’m a health care professional and would t waste anyone’s time, I just want to be heard and taken seriously and not brushed off. Has anyone else had similar experiences then been diagnosed with MS? Thanks for reading and sorry to go on and on :-) Dory XX