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Optic Neuritis otherwise known as ON

As we all know MS could be unique to as all and we could all go through things differently, so i just wanted to know how, if it did,how did ON manifest its self? What do people mean by visual problems,






This is strange....about 10 years ago I remember someone commenting to me about one pupil being more dilated than the other when we were stood chatting....maybe this was related?!!



First stop, the opticians. Get an eye test. Insist if you have to. Yeah i thought I may have it too, turns out its the beginnings of cataracts. Oh joy! Point is, let the professionals have a look and they may be able to sort it out.



GUys thanks for the info, it is much appreciated.



For me, ON began as this kind of grey blur taking up a small amount of my peripheral vision. It was like this from say monday - friday, getting slightly worse each day. From friday - monday I had severe deterioration and had to go to hospital (this was when I was diagnosed). I was in my final year of Visual Art at the time, so it was quite frightening to have partial vision loss. I had about 2% vision in one eye, the other was fine! I was put on IV steroids and then a reducing oral steroid for a number of days once I was home. It did take a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months to come back 100%. When I was on my last appointment with eye doctor and she signed me off, she did mention that a lot of people would have one pupil more dilated than the other either temporarily or permanently from optic neuritis, this wasn't the case for me, mine were exactly the same, but when on the IV steroids I did feel it took my 'bad eye' longer to move than the other, apparently it wasn't visibly noticeable, but I did feel it.



@Aoife) your experience of ON sounds very similar to mine - grey blur in my peripheral vision, that progressively closed down the vision in that eye like shutters closing. I went to my local hospital and saw an Ophthalmic consultant who told me it was ON. He made NO suggestion that it may be a symptom of MS, which with hindsight, was probably doing me a favour. I wasn't given any drugs to treat it, and it took about 2 months to completely(ish) recover - the shutters slowly opened up again. My strongest memory of that trip to the hospital was the after effects of having my eyes dilated. I had gone on my own, and walked to the hospital from my place of work which was about a quarter of a mile away. Once my appointment was over, I started to head out of the building. The nurse asked me in a concerned tone if I had anyone to help me get back home safely. I blithely dismissed her concern with a "don't worry about me, I'll be fine!" or similar. Now bear in mind that the Optics department of that hospital was in perpetual near darkness, presumably to aid people who were wandering around with dilated pupils. It was also a beautiful summer's day, with perfect clear skies and brilliant sunshine. I walked out of the door and was instantly hit by this blinding while light. Unable to see anything at all, I started to flail my arms around, until one of them hit a wall. Relieved to have found some bearings, I spread my arms out and pressed my backside into the building, like a reticent would-be jumper clinging on to the wall while out on a 40th floor ledge. Here I stayed for the next 5 minutes or so, answering the occasional "Are you alright?" enquiry with a nonchalant "Yeeahh - I'm fine!". Eventually, my eyesight recovered enough for me to be able to make out vague blurry shapes. Feeling brave, I decided to head back to work. I inched along the wall like I was still on that ledge, until I reached the edge of the building. From there it was a short walk to the crossing, where I could just make out the button which I confidently pressed. When the beeper started, I set off, only to discover when halfway over that I couldn't see the other side properly, and I had no idea if I was walking towards the kerb, or straight down the middle of the road. My relief on reaching the safety of the opposite pavement was palpable, I didn't quite drop to the floor and kiss it like the Pope but it was close. The moral of this story? Take some-one with you if you are going to have your eyes dilated!



I am currently going through my first experience of ON caused by MS. Best way for me to describe it is like looking through the bottom of a pint glass - nothing is like it should be. I have felt like this since 18 March although it was initially accompanied with double vision and did not get diagnosed with MS until 12 April. I took three days of steroids from 13-15 April and am waiting and hoping that it will improve. I did however, make some progress within 3 days (double vision disappeard).



Wow so many different responses. My ON was the main reason to my diagnosis of MS. My left eye just stopped moving right in February and I has souble vision, it was very scary to wake up and notice ones eye has stopped moving i thought i had had a stroke. it is ok now but i seamed to get loads of MS symproms just after my eye went bad.



The way i initially described my ON was like someone had put a piece of lacy tracing paper over my left eye, i could see colour (if a little bleached out) and shape but not details, for example, i have difficulty seeing peoples faces if i walk down the street (walked straight past a work collegue the other day as i couldnt see her!) other days its almost like everything is really sharp and colours are strikingly vivid but this is accompanied with a splitting headache.



I had a really painful eyeball is the best way of describing it, and it felt like I had something in my eye all the time. That went away but then 3 years later I had another issue with my eye. Painful again and then I had double vision - though only when both eyes open. I had some colour loss with the wrong eye. That was diagnosed as ON and then MS confirmed a couple of months later. On the wrong eye my pupil is slightly dilated and has been since the first onset of ON 5 years ago now. Ho hum!



I have oscillopsia it's like everything in my visual field is jumping around! Things are a bit blurry in the distance but having my eyes tested and getting contacts has helped! Alcohol is the only thing that stops my eyes from movong around the Doctors haven't found a treatment for it yet though!