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Mobile Phone app to help with daily life

My name is David McFaull, I am about to go into final year in software development at University of Ulster Coleraine. As part of our final year we are required to create a piece of software and I want to create a mobile phone app to help people with MS. My mother has had MS for around 8 years now. It is a topic I am very passionate about and I would love to be able to help use my skills from university to be able to help. This app would be different to any other MS apps already created. This would be an app that would be used to help people with MS in everyday life instead of diagnosing the symptoms. I was wondering if you could give me any further ideas on what would be beneficial for people with MS to have in a phone app? I have thought that they could: keep track of the drugs they are to take each day new and existing exercises that they could do groups that are around them and locate their nearest MS support group receive RSS feeds for tweets that have been sent involving MS calender function for their check ups and injections links to recent studies a function to add their own comments and feelings about MS I am currently only in the research stage, as University doesn't start back until September. But I would like to gather as much information as I can before I start this project, as I am very passionate about creating a helpful and useful piece of software to help people with MS in their everyday lives. I would really appreciate any information or ideas that you would be able to share with me.