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Hello and Thank you

Hi everyone, I am new here and have found this site so helpful whilst hanging out in limbo land, wondering what’s going on. I am waiting for my next neuro appt, whichI expect will set off the chain of further scans etc- and hopefully, finally, provide a basis for some treatment. I’m getting weary of wobbling about the place, falling over (and hoping no one notices the bruises!) and just having to think so hard about getting across the road/up the stairs/to the loo😱😩. This site has been a godsend as I have read so many posts that made me feel normal again and gave me hope. I’m now keeping a journal, ready for the neuro and have my list of questions at the ready. My GP, after 3 years, is now talking about MS, i’m seeing a Physio and keeping moving as much as I can, are there any other dietary tips -beyond healthy eating -that I should try? Thanks for being out there!



Hello @d1zzy, it’s lovely to hear that you feel you’ve been helped by this site! Facing a diagnosis, whether MS or not can be a really lonely business, even if you’re surrounded by loving family and friends. People often opt for a specific diet as part of their longer term plan. In terms of day to day, anti inflammatory foods like pineapple are great, and supplements like flaxseed and vitamin D tabs are a good idea. Best to avoid excess of anything, including alcohol. It sounds like you are on top of things. Are your work colleagues aware that you are ‘under investigation’? I wish you good luck with his journey, never be afraid to ask any questions on this site, no matter how trivial or mundane it might seem. Stay strong x



Hi @d1zzy and welcome. There's not much I can add to the advice of @vixen. Although there is a fair amount of advice regarding diet, amongst other things, at this website :- https://overcomingms.org/ As you are a UK resident, you can apply for a fee copy of the book that accompanies this website. The other thing that I want to mention is that you should try and avoid, or manage, any stressful events. Stress is a major antagoniser of MS.



Hi @Vixen and @stumbler- thanks for comments. Yay- I love pineapple, so there’s a silver cloud! With regards to work, I haven’t said anything yet as my desk job gives me plenty of opportunity to work from home. It’s probably the one thing that hasn’t been impacted yet but I am intending to tell my mngr about the neuro appt next week. Not sure how that will go, and not overly confident about dealing with her businessy manner but hey ho, might be doing her an injustice... I live in Scotland so will get applying for my free book- I haven’t seen anything about that yet but it’s good to know there are so many resources. As you say Vixen, friends and family are great but they all want to persuade me that this is going to be fine and probably isn’t happening. The Hidden film makes so much sense! Thanks for the advice about stress, it’s been shocking to realise the immediate impact on my mobility and balance, so I am learning! Is there much research into this? Cheers- have a good day. It’s chucking it down here, i’ve never been so glad to see the sun go in!!