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Numbness- what should I do?

Hi, I've got really bad numbness/altered sensation in my right leg to the point where I am struggling to put my weight through it. Anything on it feels so weird and it's freezing (as well as my foot). The numbness is across the whole leg from my bum to my toes. Now, my issue is that I've been researching and that there are treatments to help but these medications aren't good for me at the moment because we are starting to try for a baby very soon and I can't have them in system (not that I'd want to either). Do I still tell my ms nurse knowing that they can't really do anything or just leave it until I see him in a few weeks? This has been going on for nearly two weeks. I have tried gentle water swimming and waking in the pool as well as the extensive list of exercises I have from my previous trips to the neurophysio but nothing has helped.
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