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Hi, I hope you're all well. Before Christmas, I was admitted to the neuro ward of a hospital in Manchester with eye problems. I had bouncy, double and blurred vision which was accompanied my visual loss. I thought I was going blind. My vision was 6/60 which apparently isn't very good at all! I had iv steroids for 3 days and an MRI which showed no new lesions but a grey matter in the centre of my brain. My neurologist told me that the grey blob was responsible as it was pressing on nerves in my brain which control my eyes. She believes that this had manifested from a viral infection I had in October. The have said that this is 'functional visual disturbance due to convergence spasm'. Since this episode, my eyes are quite painful and are sensitive to bright lights and I struggle when driving at night. I had an eye test yesterday and they told me that if it becomes any worse, my driving is likely to be affected and this would devastate me. I have been referred to neuropyschogy but I am unsure what to expect from this. Apparently they help with trying to 'retrain' pathways in the brain? Just to note, I am on lemtrada and have finished both infusions now but immune system is still low so a common cold seems to linger longer. X
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