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Goodmorning All :)

Hi everyone. I've thouroughly enjoyed reading your posts. But first and foremost I'm not on gilenya, I'm on extavia (beta-interferon 1-b) but when I punch it in on the interweb it comes back mostly as gilenya? Is there a similarity? I inject every 2nd day. I actually started on it last April but post bloods 3 months after my lft glut trans was at 720, I believe it's meant to be between 10-55 (approx), they asked if I was drinking excessively!!!! Hadn't touched alcholol in 2+ yrs. Then out of the blue my gallbladder ruptured and was rushed in for open surgery. Now the general surgeon blames the interferon for the raised glut trans but the neurologist blamed it on gallbladder disease. So as it goes I'm now back on it and just my 2nd injection been done. Dying to know if it was the interferon that was attacking my liver as my gallbladder can't be blamed now. Regardless, they arnt doing bloods for 12wks and I don't think they should leave it that long, I thought after 4wks they should just check the lft blood. Ps, trying to get my photo up so I don't seem ignorant but it's not happening, haha. Maybe it's bcoz I'm working off my mobile phone? Thanks all. Lisa, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.