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I havent!



Neither have I, although I do have some funny visual disturbances. Did the evoked potentials test twice in the past 3 years, but came back normal.









I haven't, although a friend reminds me that a few months before I was dx I complained one day that I had blurriness in one eye. I have no memory of it.



Nada. Also no spinal lesions either. Goes to show how different the disease presents with people.



no, got spinal lesions.



No but I am short sighted anyway as well as now being long sighted so I have got varifocal lenses that I am struggling with.I don't think my vision problems are MS related. X



No, have never had that, I worry about having ON but I don't think it is something us PPMS'rs get, no doubt someone will correct me! I never hear of PP's getting it x



No, not had any of that or spinal lesions. I have PPMS. So that continues loulou's theory.



No ON here... Brain and spinal lesions only? LOL



I was diagnosed in May 2012. Lesions to the brain and spine. In July I was having problems with eye pain when I would look from one way to the other. Had an MRI done and they said I didn't have it. Although I do get eye pain from time to time. Actually, today started having issues with my left eye with pain. Took some ibuprofen and it feels better. But still not 100%. Hopefully will get better in a couple of days.



nope, i just have brain lesions and white blood cells in spinal fluid.



I have not had ON, but have had ptosis-dropping of the eyelid, left pupil smaller that right, fuzzy vision and a squint that now turns outwards instead of inwards after 40 years. Optician sent me to eye clinic who said that could not do anything as not a muscle problem, probably Nuerological. Also get pain behind left eye and in left side of my face. Anyone else had similar?



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/clearmri/' rel='nofollow'>@clearmri</a> A few weeks ago I had a really painful left eye, hurt when I moved it etc. Because of this I went to opticians, expecting them to tell me that I have the start of optic neuritis etc, but my eyes were healthy except needing distance glasses. I'm also getting dark shadows when looking at computer screen but apparently my eyes are healthy! I reckon it's my brain that isn't but my neuro doesn't think it's necessary for another MRI.



Nope, me neither. Had a little bit of blurring once for about a week but that's it visually. (touch wood!)



I haven't, but I have lesions all over my brain and two fairly large ones on my spine (one cervical and one thoracic). I do, however, have really bad cogfog, fatigue, and leg pain. I'm kind of hoping to avoid eye problems. I would rather end up in a wheelchair. I am more at peace with the loss of mobility than I am with the loss of sight, as weird as that may sound.