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New & undiagnosed

Hi, I've been looking at all of your comments on this site for a couple of weeks and have finally been brave enough to post. You all seem so helpful. I'm 30 yrs old & it all began last November, I had a virus then my right hand & wrist became completely disabled, my speech was not right & my co ordination when typing on the keyboard. To cut a long story short they thought initially it was a tumor but then decided on leaving me for a month & doing another MRI. By the time of the nxt MRI my hand & wrist was functioning again, they did another scan and I have 2 lesions which are very close together which in jan appeared to be smaller. I met with my neuro in may & he only said then that it could be ms & that's why it's undiagnosed. He did say that as it stood in may that I do not have ms & I may never get it. He told me all he is interested in knowing is if I have blurred vision in one eye or any weakness anywhere. Since the end of may my speech has not been right again & I have had lower back pain and intense leg and ankle pain/spasms (these have been going on for 3 weeks) finally starting to feel better now. My speech still isn't right & this is what is upsetting me the most. I'm interested if any of you can advise me if and when I do get diagnosed & hopefully put on a treatment would you expect my speech issues to get better? I've been going through a nightmare for so long now I just want help with it now. Thanks for any advice you can give.