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overdone it?

hello friends :) I've been reading shift.ms for a while now. I'm Sylwia from Poland. I have quite agressive MS - relapses every month now :( I've already tried Extavia, Gilenya - on the second one I had 2 relapses/year. But it was too much for Polish health law and they took that away from me. Soon after stopping it I started having 1 relapse per month. It sucks. Now I'm waiting for Lemtrada treatment, but it'll take time for Polish hospitals to get this medicine. Last week I was doing too much I guess and I think I could overdone it. My legs are shaking, I have zero balance. I just hope it's not new relapse since I had one 3 weeks ago. I'm SO depressed. I'm taking medicine for it, but since these problems with walking started I can't stop crying. I just need your suport, friends, because I know you can't do nothing else for me. Maybe any advice?