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Cannabis info

I was just reading up on alternative therapies for symptom management and I was wondering how you all feel about cannabis? For those of us who have (legally) used it, how does it help? What symptoms is it helpful for? Thanks :)



Hi betty , never used it personally, but it does appear to be the great, untapped medicine. It can help with pain management and anxiety, to name but two attributes. If you are able to (legally) use it, why not perform your own trial? :wink:



Heya Betty As above I've never smoked Ganga and I'm coming to end of my prescribed nabilone bcoz they just can't get it in (pharmacy) So, I will defo consider using it illegal or legal. Ps, I'd smoke/use it bcoz it helps my pain tremendously through the night. Good luck. Love Lisa xxx



I've only used it on holiday in Portugal where having a plant for 'medicinal purposes' is not illegal. Our neighbours were an older couple who had a couple of plants for help with their arthritis which pretty much grew into trees :-) For the week I was there, I had no pain, the Cog Fog stayed away and the sensory problems I had at the time all stayed away. If it was legal here I'd do it, but I'm too much of a goody two shoes to be naughty at home xx



@betty Does wonders for me. Helps me to have a full nights sleep, calms down the bladder issues and really calms down my anxiety issues. I actually turned to cannabis to help me all through my teenage years as I had an assortment of Ms symptoms that were being dismissed when I would go to the doctors. It helps with my sensory issues a lot. Cannabis is not for everyone but it has been my life saver. Just ensure you know where you are getting it from and that it's a safe source.



For me it mostly helps with muscle spasms, and anxiety. I've recently gotten some CBD oil which is derived from cannabis but doesn't have any psychoactive ingredients (basically you don't feel high) but its supposed to be good for pain. Can be hard to come by though, unless you have a medicinal clinic/dispensary you can get to. Good luck!



I cannot deny the evidence for pain relief/anxiety relief and better sleep when considering cannabis, but just to throw out an awareness coming from the perspective of a mental health nurse, not everyone will respond positively to THC. Maybe initially it's fabulous but a whole host of other mental and physical issues can follow if you're not monitoring your how much your using and keeping on top of dependency issues . While I have used it socially, I've not needed it medically, my circle of people needing if for health relief tend toward cannabis infused in coconut oil, which through a significant process they make themselves. They say it has changed their lives. X



I'm on the CBD bandwagon as well. It helps with the spasticity at bedtime and really streamlines deep sleep for me. No druggy hangover in the morning either. I use this: https://www.endoca.com/CBD_OIL-14-RAW_Hemp_Oil_Drops_300mg_CBD_CBDa_3 Good luck. Sean



Hi, I grow my own cannabis, I buy the cannabis seeds which are high in CBD, it really helps me sleep and with spasms, I don't like to smoke it so take it in milky tea at night but thinking of buying a vaporizer so it works quicker.



It helps a lot better than prescribed drugs that always seem to have so many side-effects. I've used/use cannabis resin, oil, cannabinoid tincture and vape. I gave up smoking nearly 30 years ago so wouldn't want to smoke again (I even hold the vape thing in a fist so it doesn't feel like 'smoking' just in case it makes me want to). I've just been looking at a recipe for making canna-fudge, that'll be the next thing I'll try. I'd rather see it offered on prescription so someone else can work out the right amount. I don't want to get stoned, just to relax and it's better than anything else I've tried for that. About 20 minutes after taking it I give out a big sigh and feel the muscles relaxing beautifully. The worst thing about it, in my opinion? The cost. I'm in the UK, have paid National Insurance and tax for 41 years and still do even though I'm medically retired so I not only pay for my prescriptions but also for cannabis, vitamins and LDN on top. I think that's wrong and I'd like to see it legalised, at least for medical use, and prescribable by GPs. Big Pharma will object, of course, but it's about time their hold on the profession was lessened too.



So, I am now an authorized(legal) medical cannabis client! I haven't tried it yet but I am thinking of starting with the oil that is high in CBD. Seems to be popular, they are always out of stock!



Check out - http://www.gwpharm.com/Sativex.aspx I heard that if the Cannabis is naturally grown not the hydroponic type that it is safer (in respect to psychosis). I also have a friend who appeared to be having a relapse with numbness of feet for several weeks and really bad head pain. She had only 2 puffs of a joint that a friend gave her (who regularly smokes it to help with his MS) and after only 2 puffs…3/4 of her numbness disappeared and the head pain totally went away within seconds. Within the next few days the residual numbness went away. Note; apart from trying Cannabis once or twice in her lifetime she never smoke it..then tried it for MS due to hearing it can help. Further note her Neuro did not want to give her Methylpred for the relapse as she didn’t feel it was bad enough to warrant same. Nevertheless the 2 puffs of Cannabis worked very fast compared to when she had a prior relapse and had Methylpred which still took weeks. Cannabis has been recently legalised in Australia for medical use. Getting medical marijuana may not be that easy.



So, I am starting to try cannabis for insomnia. I've heard Indica is the best for sleep, but I have found that strains high in THC will make my anxiety worse, therefore not helping me sleep and just making me paranoid. I am now looking at getting an Indica that is low in THC with some CBD. Hopefully I will find something that helps!