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Exercise advice!

Hi all! Il try not to go on ... I used to be quite fit and active, loved running especially. Since having children (aged 3 and 4 now) iv piled weight on and not had much time for exercise. But iv recently got motivated to shift the weight and get active again. Trouble is, i dont last very long before i get tired. Weirdly, its not the kind of 'i need a nap' tired, but my limbs go like lead! And afterwards, it seems to take days rather than hours to recover. Sometimes getting bad cramps at night after iv exercised. My friends advise is 'oh you're just unfit, push through, feel the burn and you'l soon get your fitness back!' But im struggling with this as iv been 'unfit' in the past but this seems different. How do you tackle exercise? Should i push through? Will it improve? Thanks in advance for any advice/experiences Beky (32, RRMS diagnosed 12 months ago)