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Need help choosing a treatment

Hello all Today is a big day for me. I'm finally out of limbo land. Now I have a label, and it reads: RRMS. Yay! My neuro presented me all the available treatment options, their efficacy and side effects, his experience with each and every one of them, and now wants ME to choose the one the I'd like to try. How weird is that? I can basically choose one of the 4 CRAB drugs. And I have no idea which one to choose... Should I choose based on convenience (number of injections per week), side effects, or efficacy? There's also a 5th option, namely to wait until next year when BG12 is going to become available in Germany as a "first line of defence" drug for MS and then become one of its early adopters. My fear is that if I start now on one of the CRAB drugs I would have to use it for at least 6 months in order to see if it works or not. And given how slowly my MS has progressed so far, the MRI after these 6 months will probably not show much progression, so the doctor may conclude that the drug is working very well. At that point it will be very hard for me to convince him to stop the treatment and switch to BG12. And BG12 has so many advantages... First and formost is a pill so I don't have to inject my self. Then, it seems to be more effective than interferons (but less effective than Tysabri). Its side effects are mild. The only problem is the fact that it is too new so no one knows how effective it is on the long run (10-15 years). Interferons have been around since the '90s so there's plenty of data about them. The decision fatigue is now getting worse than my MS fatigue. Please help :)



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/axon/' rel='nofollow'>@axon</a>, I'll assume that you've been through and read up on this website:- http://www.msdecisions.org.uk/ It is a UK-based website, but its contents are still pertinent. Hope this helps



As far as the four main treatments versus the pill goes, I really can't say what I would do. I suppose it all comes down to how bad your MS has been for you? When I was diagnosed (I feel so old saying that, I'm only 28!) the first medication was quite risky (a form of chemo) but it was far and away the most effective and I was 23 so the only thing I really had to lose was my life. And my hair. From what I understand, the pill has the obvious advantage of being less restrictive to your life and more effective at treating relapses, but its newer (hence more of an unknown) with potentially more serious side effects. If you go for the pill option, you're heading into the 'battle' without any armor, just like you have been leading up to your diagnosis. I guess what I'm asking is, are you a gambling man(or lady)? ;-)



i'm glad you have the option. I was diagnosed in January and have only just been put on Gabapentin!