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Returning to the U.K.

Hey Shift whanau, I am currently living in NZ and in limbo land going back and forth from the GP, the neurologist and the hospital.. if / when I get an official diagnosis of what now seems unlikely to be anything else other than MS I am considering moving back to the U.K. to be nearer my family and my wife’s family for support (not necessarily for me, but for my wife with the kids etc etc) has anyone else had to make similar decisions re moving and how did you find it? I don’t want to throw away all that we’ve achieved since we emigrated but also I think we will need some sort of support network that we won’t have here...



@WildBritain , I envy you being in NZ. It looks a wonderful place. I assume the both you and your good lady are in absolute agreement for this strategy. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that stress can be bad for MS. And planning a move to the other side of the world will undoubtedly be stressful. Plus you would be moving to a country, which can be stressful at the best of times, although not so much if moving to Lincolnshire. Think long and hard on this one. The UK is presently in the grip of the Covid Pandemic, with the economic impact due to last for years!




mmmmmmmmmmmm UK or New Zealand???? It's a no brainer - stay where you are. If I had the opportunity to move away from the UK and emigrate I would. Enjoy your time in New Zealand, don't stress the diagnosis (if you get one) and try to live your life to the full............ things will be OK and you will lead a normal(ish) life




Hi @WildBritain, tough decision. I agree with points about but you also rightly say yourself, also support for your wife to be nearer her family. MS aside, support around kids is so important especially when of a school-age, and help is needed with childminding, pick-ups etc. The most important thing is that you and your wife agree totally with the decision. One of the main pieces of advise (if you diagnosed) is that never make any immediate decisions until the dust settles. A diagnosis usually takes around a year to adjust to. Whilst your kids are still so young, I'd say explore all options, but hold on a decision for now, and over time your feelings may develop stronger on one side.....all the best :-)