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UK - RSA - UK?

My wife was diagnosed with MS in 2014 whilst in South Africa. It has slowly eaten away at her physically and emotionally, to the point where she suffered psychosis in 2019. We were back in the UK for work purposes early in 2018, where she registered with the GP and was referred to a neurologist, only for us having to return back to South Africa mid-May 2019 due to being made redundant. We are however considering a return to the UK, but having been away for 6 months, we know that there will be a delay in her receiving any MS medication and psychosis medication, being a new diagnosis made in South Africa. Is there a "quick" way for her to get her medication when we return, other than having to go the GP route? Private Healthcare has an exclusion period of 1 year, so that is not an option. Any advice would be appreciated.



@stefan_van_zyl , wow, that's an unusual question! Try dropping an email to the MS Society in the UK ([email protected]) and see if they can help. Or even the South African Embassy in London ([email protected]).



Thank you for the suggestions @stumbler, but the MS Society can't help but recommend that once we are back on British soil, to register with our local GP and follow the same route. As for attempting the South African Embassy in London ... it takes on average 6 months for to process passport renewal applications ... I really don't think anyone there would have any necessary skills or knowledge where to start with my query if that was an option.



@stefan_van_zyl if your plan is to return to London or the South East my suggestion would be to get a referral to Prof Gavin Giovannoni at Barts Health (Royal London Hospital site) He believes in speedy treatment, is an approachable and mind man, and also happens to be South African ;-) I don't know how/if your wife's psychosis may affect treatment options. Sometimes having high dose steroid treatment may cause it; just a thought, if it is related it may resolve over time and may not be a useful label for her to have. A GP would be able to refer you to Prof. Although you could see him for an initial consultation privately, which would be quicker. If you google his name you'll be able to read about him, and see the contact details for his PA etc. good luck



Thank you @bernadette for the valuable information. I will most certainly see if I can make contact with him, and see where it may lead to.



Thats a tough one first what medical insurance does she have !! Going cash is almost impossible the medication for MS is extremely expensive im sorry to hear this !!! Sounds to me shes in "Fear" she needs to find someone that does talk therapy!!! Fear can be paralyzing start with someone she trusts she can feel safe may things get better sending Love your way !!! Nameste so be it 🙏