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Listen to your body...

Having been signed off work for a month (I'm a week in) I've had lots if time to think (as well as sleep - 6 extra hours a day I've been sleeping) - I have just figured out that our bodies are amazing! Basically (not been diagnosed yet but...) for the last 15 or so years I've had little signs that something's not right... (1) Exhaustion (tested for lupus but all clear) - put it down to being single mum with one child and working full time - took iron tablets (2) BMS without putting you all off your dinner not good bowl wise - put down to stress due to divorce (3) bladder problems - thought just as I've had four children (4) the feeling of walking on air (had to hold walls as felt like I was walking on air - out down to anxiety and out on medication (5) a few times now I've experienced numbness and tingling hands - put down to tendinitis (6) twitchy legs at bed time - put down to just being too hot (7) hot sweats at night time - thought was due to maybe starting menopause although a little too young (I'm 38) (8) not good memory - thought maybe too much going on - kids tell me something and I have no recollection of the conversation (9) THIS I when I thought hey my body telling me something.... severe pain in left eye with bluriness but no loss of vision just colour was affected (due to go back to consultant next week). Anyway - went to see my GP last week as I don't feel right. Told him about eye and he said "have you thought this could be MS - I think this is neurological as if we piece together your history it fits together". He's written a letter for me to hand to the consultant - he said that he wanted to spell it out as the consultant seemed to be focusing on tumours. He said he'll be able to do a few tests and confirm. I'm not a sickly person at all and my GP even noticed that my right foot is not how it should be (I have holes in my shoe from where I walk oddly!) Well anyway - apologies for the long post - just had to share. Although I've not had confirmation I do think deep deep down inside that MS is the reason. It's a long road ahead I know and something's can mimic MS. Got the all clear from lupus years ago. Not good being in limbo land as I think once we know for sure we can deal with it - not getting anxious - I know my body and now realise that it's been trying to show me for years now! (Think maybe re reading that I sound a little crazy). Since I've been off apart from sleep I've had this dreadful "ache" where my bra sits (it's eased off today) but I can feel it all round my back and it makes me feel dizzy. If I look down (with chin on chest) when I bring head up my fingers tingle. I will keep you all posted on what's going on. Just wanted to ask has anyone else and their GP been sure MS before diagnosis?



Hi @sos29 or should I say detective, It's good to hear you have the GP on your side helping you to piece the jigsaw together. I was told by my neurologist 8 months after my first symptoms. I hope all goes well with the consultant. Makky



@sos29 , your story will resonate with quite a few I'm sure. You're lucky to have a clued up GP, who has helped the Neurologist with his view. Yes, all those things could well be symptomatic of MS, but they could also be one of a number of other things too. However, your Neurologist will be able to call for the required tests to allow him to home in on a diagnosis. Now, you have to be patient. And, you have to be kind to yourself. It sounds like you've contended with some stressful situations to date. You need to try and avoid these situations as stress can antagonise a lot of conditions, like MS. Yes, I know we all live in the real world, but we have to look at these situations and determine whether they're really worth it, in the overall scheme of things. Those last two symptoms you mentioned could well be :- http://www.mstrust.org.uk/atoz/lhermitte.jsp ; and http://www.mstrust.org.uk/atoz/banding.jsp . But, when you have a history of unexplained events, it's comforting to have a reason, which isn't hypochondria! :wink: You might also want to view some of the publications here as a good source of knowledge :- http://www.mstrust.org.uk/shop/products.jsp?catid=56



Thank you - I shall have a read when kids are in bed. I am very lucky that I have a nice GP. Am up as down at the moment but enjoying the being able to sleep during the day amazing!



Yep, me too. The irony is that I spent 6 years trying to convince the doctors, decided to stop moaning because it was futile and 12 years later I was the only person saying I didn't have it!! 6 months and a small fortune of nhs spending later, I feel better than I have in years, medication that actually reduces my pain, physio that has unlocked my shoulders and a genuine excuse for the power snoozes I love. I hope you get the answers you need to get on with life 😊