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Diagnosis experiences?

Hey folks, I wanted to ask you (particularly those in the UK) about how the diagnosis process went for you. I'm in the north west, visiting home since christmas and kind of stuck here since being blindsided with the ms diagnosis after visiting the gp with some numbness and neck pain. I've had an mri scan and my first consultation with a neurologist, who showed me my lesion-y images and told me it was 99% likely to be ms, and that he'd arrange another scan with contrast. Unfortunately that seems to be where everything has stopped, or at least slowed waaaay down. After 2 weeks I had no contact from the neuro. I called radiology and the request hadn't been sent, so I feel I might have slipped through the cracks pretty early, and another 2 have passed since then. It's been pretty disheartening. I have been calling a lot though. They can't seem to tell me any time frame to expect, which is understandable, but I still wanted to ask what you guys' experiences have been with diagnosis. How long did it take for you? And also can I expect many more tests? Thanks!! :)