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Hi all! I’m looking into changing from Gilenya to Mavenclad, and I’m just a bit confused! I’m seeing my MS nurse in a month to tell her what I’ve decided but I was just hoping someone here could help answer some questions in the meantime!    I originally really wanted Lemtrada, even though t...


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Index finger twitch

Good morning (from the states), My index finger has been twitching uncontrollably for 2-3 weeks now. Every day, multiples times per day. I'm trying to rule out everything.... some things I know that can cause this are vitamin deficiencies (Mg, vit B, calcium) - I take all of those, so I don't be...


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Lumbar Puncture and painful stiff neck?

I had a LP done 4 days ago and the pain in a neck when Im sited just got worse today. It's really stiff and hurts more when I move head or talk. Is it normal? Or should I see a doc? Im fine when I'm flat in bed but can't work or sit at all...I do drink a lot coffee and water etc After a LP doc tol...


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Alcohol and cladribine

I have been quiet on this site for a while as I had to make a decision on what DMT to take and wanted to clear my head. I have highly active RRMS and this week I started on Cladribine I have not had any side effects or adverse feelings yet at all so I’m pleased about that I’m almost week one done ...


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Can't put foot flat on the ground

Hi. So I'm on holiday and my mum and stepdad walk... a lot. Today was a long walk with a steep hill that had no time to rest as we were chasing for a train (which was 30 minutes late anyway). My legs barely held me up. I have a stick and that didn't help much either. I couldn't stand when we got...


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Coping with metal taste on steroids?

Hi! I'm currently on methylprednisolone and ugh, I can never stand the metal taste. It's so awful not even being able to drink water without being disgusted! What's your method of dealing with the taste? I keep mints in my pocket and snack on lemons when I can. Anyone have their own favourites for ...


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Slow recovery from Optic Neuritis?

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. :) I am interested to hear about people's experiences with Optic Neuritis, and in particular those who have had a slow recovery from it. My own story - I got an attack of Optic Neuritis in my left eye in June this year. It started off with some mild pain a...


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MRI - with a cold

I've got my MRI in about 3 hours and I've been trying everything I can think of over the last week to get rid of the cold I managed to catch. It's not a bad cold, and all that's really left is some minor congestion and the nasal drip. But it's the drip that has me freaking out about the MRI. What...


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arm feeling like a dead-weight

hi all, just in work here at the moment and having one of those horrible silent episodes that no one else can see but i can feel! i have persistent problems with my left arm from from shoulder to elbow and my wrist and hand. my arm basically feels like it had a cement ball and chain attached! jus...


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UTI - antibiotics and steroids?

Hi Everyone! I'm currently traveling (in the USA) - just attended ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS which was amazing! I go back to Australia on Thursday. So question(and problem). I have my first UTI in 8 months. The last UTI I had triggered a relapse sending my EDSS from 4 to 6, so I'm not keen for a repeat perform...


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Pip payment but no official comfirmation

Hello fellow MSer Is it normal to have received pip back pay and 1 months benefit into my account but not to have recieved an official letter from DWP confirming that I have been successful in my claim? I recieved payment mid Jan (pack pay?) then a payment in mid Feb (4 weeks benefit) from DWP P...


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Black Seed Oil for Bladder

Hello from Queensland (been away a while with other health problems. I've been doing some reading and black seed oil seems to be cropping up a lot recently. Has anybody experience of using this for bladder problems It seems that it can be bought over the counter and isn't very expensive. Would ...


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Who has 'Tightening' around Ankle?

A couple of days ago I read a post. It wasn't the topic of conversation but someone mentioned a 'Tightening' around their ankle. I stupidly didn't comment because it was 'off topic' and now can't find the post. I have been plagued with this for a year. I describe it as a vice like pain. In all ho...


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MDMA made my MS go away for 5 hours

Hey all, just checking to see if anyone had the same experience. I took a small amount MDMA and I could do things I couldn't before. For about 5 hours I could stand long enough to have a conversation without having to find a seat. I could dance for an entire song. I was running up stairs and moving ...


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Can I take Modafinil & CBD Oil?

Hi Everyone I am currently prescribed Modafinil for my fatigue but have recently had the opportunity to have Medical Marijuana. I have spoken to my MS Nurse concerning this and whether it would be ok to take both together or if I should stop the Modafinil? I know this is all very early stages but...


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Strange sensation on front of neck/throa

Hi everyone, I have a new and rather odd symptom, which I have run past both my MS Nurse and physio this morning and neither of them have come across it before!! I have a strange sensation of pressure on the front of neck/throat that feels a bit like I'm wearing a scarf. It can be transient or las...


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Icy Hot Sensation

About a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with both arms fingers to shoulders completely numb. I was able to get the feeling back after flopping around like a seal for few minutes and went back to sleep. The next day, there was a band of what I can only describe as an Icy Hot sensation ...


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Legs Pain after bath

Hi, I am facing lot of the pain in both legs , numness after bath? I think whenever my legs come in contact of water that time I am facing that type of the pain. Anyone facing the same problem like me? what should I do for this problem?


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Icy Cold Sensation down my face

Hi there, Just sitting at work at my desk tonight and had a really strange sensation like a glass of lce water was poured doen the left side of my face! From just under my eye, down my cheek to my jaw- only lasted about 5 minutes or so but now my face is all pins and needly and my left hand is real...


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Forgetting to breathe. What is this?

A couple of times in the last week I've had a strange feeling. Like suddenly realising I've stopped breathing. Seems to happen when very fatigued, which makes me feel like my body is going to just stop. Like I'm falling into a kind of drunken state of unconsconsiousnesss. The breathing is new. The o...