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Avonex humour!!

Hi all, I thought I'd share a funny story - because we all need a laugh now and again. I had an appointment with an MS nurse yesterday to kick off my Avonex injections (my first one!). My partner wanted to come along, which I really appreciated. Over the years he's talked about his fear of needles, but I just thought - can't be that bad. So we went along to the hospital. 5 minutes into my appointment, no discussion of needles or anything like that - Dave excuses himself from the room (I thought to go to the loo). 2 minutes later a nurse comes bursting into the room asking, 'is that your patient outside?!' - my nurse, just looked at me and said, 'ummm, no she's here'. So we go outside - Dave has passed out, is surrounded by a crowd with a nurse checking his vitals!! Poor guy - he recovered and was fine, but the nurses thought it was hilarious and certainly took away any nervousness I had! Given the pens need to go in the fridge I'm worried he'll faint every time he goes for a snack! Side effects were minimal also - so I feel lucky today. Hope you've all had a good Christmas and New year, Nicole