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Don't want to start on disease modifying treatments

I'm new to this site, was diagnosed in 2006 with relapsing remitting after optic neuritis which was a complete shock. For several years I had very few problems except for being a little off-balance and struggling with words occasionally. This year it feels like it's all caught up with me, seem to have had nothing but problems and I'm really fed up with it all. My consultant's recommendation is that I should start on disease modifying treatments, I'm not keen on this for lots of reasons. I've never taken an aspirin in the past unless I had no choice and the thought of starting drugs that I'll probably be on for the rest of my life makes me incredibly depressed. I suppose I'm asking what other people in this situation have done, if I choose not to take the drugs then what alternatives are there and would not taking the drugs profoundly accelerate the symptoms? All my relapses so far have been cognitive and whilst I hate this I'm inclined to avoid the drugs unless I being to have motor problems, my consultants view is that if I leave it until then the damage may be irreparable... Anyone got any advice?