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The dreaded depression anxiety and ocd

Hi all had a real bad couple of years but thing turned a corner for the better not going into it but please read my other posts to get an idea, the biggest problem im suffering with now is obsessive behaviour depression and anxiety I'm currently on 200mg sertraline and 600mg pregablin but I'm so down I've got lovley family beutiful grandchildren who I love dearly. I'm shocking with money obsessive checking online banking the spending what I don't have and realising after the high I've made a mistake spiralling my mood. All i can foresee it a sad end and my world crashing down around me i just want to run and not stop nowhere in particular just shut down somewhere quite. I feel I'm alone just a number in a crushed system and not of medical interest to anyone and that my marriage is coming to the end because I'm not near the person I used to be. I cant seem to do anything in moderation think about what I'm doing and it's either head first in or totally opposite and anxious negative and deciding things have failed before they start. Any advice?