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The Good & The Bad

This is day 3 of a good day now again a twing but good. But this past week i will have a chunk of good days and then a really bad days for the rest of the week. So am unease on what going to happen this week. I have this week and next to rest and then back to work finally. But am scared because i don't want anyone to see in that state again friends and family. Do you get sick of the unpredictable-ness of it all? i just want to reduce the risks and at the moment i do reduce the risks but it isn't enough. I just want my predictable mess of a life back again. Stop people from worrying even my home town is watching and giving me that look... I want more good days so i can show people that i am okay and that i am taking care of myself. They say my face is saying something and i told them i don't have a mirror to see what my face pulling haha I will admit i will get discomfort but its nothing compare to the big attacks that last a few days.