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Happy Monday + Aubagio

Hello :) hope everyone enjoyed their weekend & Superbowl Sunday (can't get over halftime show!) I will be starting Aubagio soon (fingers crossed) any advice or experiences on this treatment?



@rel12 , no personal experience, but I wish you well.



Hi @rel12 I’ve been on Aubagio for 4 years now. Other than the first week and a half of tummy issues and hair thinning (it all came back!) from months 4-7 it has been very smooth sailing! It’s worked well for me so far and for that I am happy. Best of luck with it! BTW I agree both J Lo and Shakira killed it!



Thank you @stumbler ! @spunky Amazing to hear! Glad that it has worked well for you. Thank you for letting me know about your experience on it. :)



I have been on Aubagio for almost 2 years. When I started it was awful. I Made the mistake of going on vacation after starting the medication and was nauseous (just barely making it to the bathroom to puke everywhere), diarrhea, and terrible headaches. I thought I was fortunate as I didn’t have much hair loss but the other side affects were terrible. I called doctor and wanted off the meds but she told me to keep trying for at least two months and finally the side affects started going away. I like the ease of the medication but tell my neurologist that I still have tingling in my left foot and sometimes a burning on my scalp. The neurologist just tells me...yes...you have MS. Most days are fine with minimal issues and as long as I keep busy (exercise every day) I don’t notice the problems.



I have been on Aubagio for over three years and apart from some symptoms at the beginning, I have been fine. I feel pretty healthy apart from restricted mobility!



@swaggy Ugh sounds like a terrible beginning to the treatment, sorry to hear. I am glad that you decided to stick with it & you have noticed the changes in a good way. I am sure there are the common symptoms but have to remind myself that not everyone gets them :) @hmbadwalker Great to hear that you have been on it for that long, gives me hope with the treatment. I am happy that you are having a positive experience with Aubagio. Thank you for sharing!



Ive been on aubagio almost a year and a half now and have had no issues! I did lose some hair (which can be a little tough as a female!) but it was only noticeable to me and it’s grown back over time! Wishing you well xo