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Really not happy with my medical team ..

I’m having a bad time at the moment had relapse and steroids a few weeks ago . I’m just fed up of being treated badly . It’s like they think we have all the time in the world - we have lives or want to have a life Just because my body got sick doesn’t mean I don’t want a life They Just mess around . It’s all stressful anyway , time off work and money lost , my husband loses money ! Waiting around long distances to travel and already feel pants with relapse and stressed ! I thought they are supposed to help ? In my eyes get us back to our lives as quick as possible , rehabilitated and helped It’s just poor This is my feelings after seeing a neurologist today . It makes you wonder about serving us When it’s nhs more like serving the huge waged whilst they are always on holiday and waiting times shocking ! I paid to see this neurologist today and what a waist of money and time . Most work on nhs anyway too . Not helpful in the slightest and it’s like those in charge not us ! That’s wrong ! They did nothing I wanted as a patient . Everything negative Stem cells - they can kill you 👎 yes but he failed to add they can also help you and have Done Guidelines to gp about steroid so less messing Time wasted and stress cause - no can’t do this - but why can other neurologists do this and not him Lecture on dmds Also somethings happened at the dentist . I got this relapse after my two amalgams were removed- day after ! So I said it must have something to do with it - he said it must have been the anaesthetic but that can only happen after general . I had local ! So then I said it must have been something else . I said so you think it’s the mercury ! He said oh no couldn’t be that no reports .but ... look all over the net and you’ll find reports on mercury amalgams and harmful stories ! And guess what in 1990 everyone who was diagnosed with ms was sent to have their mercury fillings out ... so why was that ? If they are safe why was the nhs paying for removal S Anyway not a happy camper today xx