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Hi all, Well as it stands things are improving a bit in that I am off to a “Newly diagnosed Lunch” Has anybody else been invited to this in their area ? It’s at the Marriott Hotel and they are providing Lunch and refreshments . I’m sure it’s something new . I am excited to meet others newly diagnosed . It’s a small step in the right direction . I said I’m off .. apprehensive but I’m off . It’s in September .i will let you know what happens . I want to know what going on with things . My neurologist seems a clever chap and nice but they just don’t have the time so it leaves me feeling unsupported . I don’t think they have the time to be proactive and look at new developments . Has anybody got a neurologist who has more time and proactive and who specialises in MS . Mine is a general one . If it’s private that’s okay too , I feel that is missing in this puzzle and picture I’m so interested in the stem cells but they just don’t know . There’s 3 different types . I believe this is something for us all. There is the amniotic, bone marrow and the adipose . The bone marrow is more aggressive and I think takes a lot of consideration in how bad the ms . The other two though I just don’t see why they are that bad ? Would give you relief , anything’s worth it in my eyes . Thanks ❤️ Rachael @stumbler - how’s the exercise bike ? Xx