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Symptoms that involve the heart, ear fullness and pulsations in head

Hi, I was wondering if anybody out there experiences symptoms that involve their heart, hearing loss or a sensation of constant pulsations going through the head. I have 2 cervical lesions and no lesions in the brain, but I have a lot of symptoms. I have been like this for almost one year and nothing seems to improve. I have feelings of electric shocks that affect my heart and they often happen when I move my neck, when my heart rate changes and when I lie down, especially in certain positions. When I lie down, I also get a feeling of constant pulsation at the bottom of my head, but it sometimes goes all the way up. I also get mini vibrations in the head. I have constant tinnitus and the frequency changes, my ear feels very full to the point of being painful. Another symptom is a lump in my throat, this comes and goes. All of my symptoms get worse when I sit down leaning back or when I lie down or when I move my head forward. The best position for me is standing up. Does anyone else have this type of symptoms? Thank you very much for any information you may be able to share.