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Relapsing remitting MS (Tier 2 Visa)

Good morning, I´m from Argentina and I have relapsing remitting MS since 2010 aprox. My employee has offered a job in the UK to start in February and they are requesting a Tier 2 Visa for me and my wife, we need to pay for the Healthcare Surcharge. Right now I´m taking Gilenya Fingolimod 0,5mg; do you know if the NHS provides this type of medicine for a non-UK citizen? Thanks, Octavio



@octavio_breme , yes, Gilenya is available on the NHS. There's no reason why you shouldn't get it, if you've paid the surcharge. You will need to see a Neurologist for the prescription. Appointments can take some time, although you can expedite this process for paying for a private consultation, approximately £200 sterling. It remains to be seen whether they will accept the diagnosis or need to perform some scans/tests. It may be prudent to have some details/ scan results from your present medical team available, in case of need.



if you are going to pay for your own health care privately, and can not use NHS free, it will be a very expensive affair for you. (drs and drugs) ....