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Amantadine for fatigue

Hey! For those of you who have fatigue I thought I'd write just to say I had fatigue that was stopping me from being able to live my life for a while and the neurologist prescribed me Amantadine, I've been taking it for 6 weeks and not had any bad side effects - the only one I had was nightmares for about a week in week 2 which were not nice but then they stopped and been fine every since. By about week 4 or 5 I found I was able to do more of the things I wanted to do as well as the things I have to do ...it's not like I am back to the way I was before MS but it has made a huge difference to me feeling like a normal person again! I have the weekends back rather than recovering from the week, and I can even manage an hour or so after work before I get too tired. What is everyone else's experience with fatigue and have you tried Amantadine?