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Tecfidera break- advice

Hi- my hospital have made a blunder and 'forgotten' to release my prescription to the company who deliver my Tecfidera. The hospital can't get the prescription signed until next Wednesday (because there's so few pharmacists in a hospital...!) by which time I'll have run out of Tec. I've been trying to sort this out for a week, I'm so cross. Anyway, I'll be on holiday by next weds so I'm not going to receive the meds till at least 5 days later so I will have been off Tec for 5 days. Anyone know what I can expect? Any side effects from not taking it? Or from having a break and then going back on it? And is there any value in dropping down to one a day now so that there is still some going through my system every day rather than taking normal dose until weds then nothing at all for 5 days?