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Balance, vertigo, eyes to the right!

Hi everyone, can anyone give me some advice or has this happened to you. Background - Diagnosed ms 2015 ocrevus infusion therapy. So I’ve had extra balance problems and vertigo for about ,5 days. It’s stopped me going out but can move around the house grabbing on to furniture for support. I’m due my ocrevus infusion but it’s been delayed due to the pandemic. I’m about a month behind so put my increased symptoms down to the delay. Yesterday afternoon my balance deteriorated and the room was tilting so slowed down. And it just got worse and worse. Over a few hours my focus was always going to the right and peripheral vision swirling all around the edges. Took 100 lyrica, baclofen went to bed woke at 5 boiling hot and was really sick (sorry). I woke up this morning much improved. Balance still off but no vertigo. Eyes still wanting to move to the right when I look at something. weird eh? Any thoughts? I think I’ll break open the steroids just to be sure but just wanted to check to see if this is a known problem. Last night was frightening. I wondered if I’d had a stroke. This morning I’m just relieved I’ve improved. MS isn’t it just peachy?....?