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Horror Stories

So i have been feeling so positive lately... like i really have been not worried about having MS and have convinced myself that i will be ok... and then i was told that i was naive by this lady and told that a very real possibilty for my future is disbaility. What if i cant handle it?... i feel so vunerable... i have heard so many horror stories lately from people who are doing so poorly and have lost so much... and then i tell myself oh but i can do so much and am physically strong so i will be ok... and then i learn about someone who ran marathons 10 years into diagnosis and still ends up in a wheelchair and i loose all sense of security. even if it is a false sense of security it was making me feel good. i cant even tell you how many horror stories i have heard/read about... god this is AWFUL. And to top it off today pops into my email the story of a woman who just killed herself becuase of her MS... what if this happens to me... i cant do this. i need to not have this disease. Sorry- bad moment.