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Anyone with Benign MS?

Hi everyone I'd like to connect with others who have been diagnosed with benign MS? I am wondering how it affects you and what your quality of life is like ? My MS started 19 years ago when I was in my early 20's. I had optic neuritis. My relapses have always been eyes throughout the years. I've had one serious episode in each eye about eleven years apart and in-between some flares. Thankfully I recovered vision from episodes although I get utthoffs this time of year when my body overheats mainly when I'm exercising. My symptoms otherwise are fatigue, pain at times , low mood, slower thinking and poorer concentration and memory. I have found my neurologist tough to deal with a few times over the years as he was wuick to dish out antidepressants and is kinda old school. I am thinking for ages of changing to another neuro who I've heard has better communication and has more modern approach. There has been numerous times I've felt shit in my neurologists appointments because of things he's said that make me feel I should be dealing with my MS better. He has improved his approach slightly over the years. I have taken a few years out from him at points and just dealth with the ms myself even. I just wonder how any of you with benign MS are doing ? How it affects you and whether you find your MS helpful. Do you work in a paid work role. I have been a stay at home parent since having kids bit my kids are teens now so thinking if I can at all train up and do some paid work I'd like it or I'll go cracked when my kids have left home. With all the MS symtpoms over the years I have lost friends due to being tired and having to prioritise my health after housework, kids etc. I also have had some crazy negative family and inlaw experiences that have turned me off putting effort into new relationships with friendships. I know my quality of life isn't ideal with my work outside home and no close friends . Outside my husband I haven't got anyone I'm really close to. I know it's not healthy. I'm starting some volunteer work locally that will help mentally . So that's a bit about me. Would love to know what it's like for any of you with benign MS.