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Newly diagnosed, need help with relapses

Hi, I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with RRMS just before heading off on my honeymoon around Christmas 2015. I had been experiencing numbness and tingling in my limbs since 2014, I wasn't going to go to the docs about it but my partner made me. Then after a series of tests (took almost a year all together)I was diagnosed,(the lumbar puncture was the deciding test). Since then I have been doing a lot of reading about what defines a relapse. I am not sure if I am currently experiencing a relapse or not, as there are so many vague symptoms that can be classed as a relapse. The left side of my neck has been stiff and painful for over a week and the pain spreads down my left arms to my index finger and thumb. It is a kind of aching pain. My left hand is also feeling a bit weak. I can't remember doing anything strenuous to hurt my neck but I am not sure if this is a relapse or if I am just worrying about nothing. I experience lhermittes from my neck down my spine constantly, this is not painful, just irritating. Could this be related to my neck pain? If so then should I tell my MS nurse? Any advice would be much appreciated. :)