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A terrible, no good, very bad, day

My diagnosis was changed from RR to progressive last week. My wheelchair evaluation is on my 39th birthday. My mom, who I live with, is trying to drink herself to death. Her Drizzly account is shut off, and when I wouldn't go to the liquor store for her, she threatened to throw me out of her house. I want my birthday, literally any one of them, to be a fun day. Yet every year the disappointment of larger than the last. I'm not excited about getting a wheelchair. I'm not happy about losing my legs, or my hands. I've had it.



Hang in there. God is on your side



Wow sounds like a very tough day indeed keep going mate tomorrow is a new day thankfully



Hi Keep positive I am new to this forum try not to let it get you down.Leg pain can be so bad I try not to think about it. Good luck keep positive.



Sounds like everything is really getting to you at the moment. Situation with your mum sounds really tough. Do you have people you can talk to or other support? I am close in age to you. Family relationships can be tough. Hope you feel in better spirits tomorrow. Kia Kaha This means stay strong... And is a way of showing support.



@mary_mcpherson , your Mum is just hitting out, because she isn't getting her own way. She'll come to thank you for your intervention. You may now be Progressive, but you're on Ocrevus which does benefit Primary Progressive MSers. So maybe it's too soon to start catastrophizing about wheelchairs et all.