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Hi New to site

Is there anyone out there in Ireland that was diagnosed with MS. I went into hospital with something completely diff. Lesions found lumbar done and diagnosed 2 yrs ago. No symptoms then or now. Totally confused don't know where turn or who to talk to. Will go on meds but I'd rather if my records would say clinical Isolated syndrome. I'm trying to keep it private from some close to me. Guess I'm in denial. Is there anyone out there in my situation or feeling the way I do.



I'm not in Ireland, but I was diagnosed without having had any episodes. The lesions were found while I was looking at chronic pain issues. My doctor initially wanted to put me on meds right away, but we decided that it was best if I didn't. We did MRIs every 6 months and I went two years with no episode. Ended up in hospital with optic neuritis, so we put me on medicine right after that. I think if you can find a neuro willing to balance their concern over ensuring you stay healthy with the fact that you have not yet had any episodes, that will be useful in helping you feel like you are managing it well.



I have a neuro who says I have it and go on meds. I can't seem to get anyone on site in my position to discuss with. Unfortunately in Ireland there is no forum. Meds are diff in USA etc



I’m in Ireland and was diagnosed with RRMS in March. An MRI done because of migraines in Dec ‘18 (3 weeks before my wedding 😧) showed lesions. I had 6 monthly MRIs until June last year when I got tingling etc. in my hands and right foot/leg. This led to nerve conduction studies and a lumbar puncture. I had a course of IV steroids in November which didn’t help. I still have the tingling inspite of trying Amitriptyline and Pregabalin. It’s not as intense, and as I’m off work I can manage it. I’m waiting for my second dose of AstraZeneca before I start on Gilenya, hopefully in July. The neurologist has also noted CIS on the diagnosis as these seem to be my first symptoms. I agreed to go on medication as I’d rather tackle it now as opposed to adopting a wait and see approach.



Hi, I’m in Ireland also and was diagnosed CIS too for about a year before MRI showed new lesions and put then initially on Plegridy and then on Tecfidera as there were new lesions again and experiencing sensory issues. Much of the advise on this forum is to get on meds sooner rather than later as they can slow progression and number of relapses, even if you don’t have active symptoms. But at the end of the day it’s your decision, but do consult with your neurologist.