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Monotonous Sexbucket with addendums

Greetings fellow MS'ers! I've been absent without requested leave for some time now (sorry bout that) following a long winded MS-saga, one which had attempted to suck me back into the downwardly spiraling black hole we all know and *love. I've been mid-move too, move day is now here and tomorrow I get my new place with the same old shit filling up new corners again, but! I get a room to paint in and be artistic all over again (joy joy joy!) So, balls to the black hole, I have rid myself of woe and am *marching ever onwards- yesterday I went to an MS therapy session in a church where we all sat down and made potato prints with poster paint...... I consider myself an *artist first and spazz second, this madness gave me the kick up the arse I needed to fight back once more. Potato prints aside things are better, to celebrate my constant up-down-up-down-UP ness I cut myself a new fringe- it looks *amazing. * despise * staggering * piss * Think Dave Hill from Slade and you're halfway there I hope you are all well and soldiering on- I have missed you, just needed to be a potato-print-pleb for a wee whiley but I'm over myself now and shall just bloody well pack that lark in immediately. The bitch is back Weeeeee! :D xx