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Waiting diagnosis

Hi this will probably be a bit long winded but here goes. I was told probable ms after a severe bout of vertigo and double vision. This was back in june/july time and since then i have had another mri scan and am awaiting results. I am in alot of pain at the moment in my arms shoulders and legs with pins and needles also present. The worst thing at the moment though is the weeing (sorry if too much info lol) I can need a wee 3 or 4 times an hour and straight after feel i need another. The worst is at night though where i wake up constantly needing a wee then after having one and going back to bed i need another. Because of lack of sleep im exhausted so after a few weeks of this i am awaiting a call back from docs. Is there any point in going to doctors for help if i am still waiting results from neurologist department - will they be able to help with this problem and the pain. I have just been getting on with things as best i can but it is really starting to wear me down now. The pins and needles make my hands feel fat and painful and i cant use them properly though i can cope if that makes any sense. Can a doc prescribe anything or do they have to wait for proper diagnosis. Hoping somebody can help