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Hand numbness/tingling in other hand?

Hey y’all So for a year I’ve had hand numbness/tingling on my left hand. It’s a strange feeling, I can’t describe very well as I can still feel my hand so it’s not really numb and it is not sleeping on it type tingling but it’s the only words I can find to describe it. My hand still has full function and although it’s an annoying feeling, it doesn’t bother me too much. This was my first symptom and unfortunately it has remained with me. I had thought my hand was getting a little better but now I have the same feeling in my other hand since this morning mainly at the finger tips and down the pinky side of my hand. Similar to my left hand. I thought I had tingling in these fingers before but was never sure and it kind of went away. I feel a bit tired today / run down / not my usual chirpy self so much. Not sure what’s happening and don’t know if anyone can advise? I’m just recently diagnosed with RRMS. Thanks x