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Tysabri - am I being unreasonable?

I had my JCV test on March 4th and was told that once the results were in someone would call me with the results so I waited and no call (but I was told it could take a few weeks as they are sent away). However a letter landed today with an appointment for my first infusion tomorrow! Not much notice, and no word on the JCV results. So I rang them and they couldn't find my results and all the nurse could say was "well there is virtually no risk in the first year anyway". I have waited all day and no one rang back with the results and I even tried ringing them but only got an answer phone. I was just wondering what would the MSers on here do in my position? I'm at a loss. My MS nurse line isn't even open tomorrow. Do I just turn up hoping someone has the results and then I'm in an awkward position if they are high risk and I say no to treatment or there is no results there at all.