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Newly diagnosed

Hello, I’m newly diagnosed (less than a week ago) & have been a frequent visitor to this site over the past year while I was undergoing tests for what they suspected to be MS. My neurologist & MS nurse have mentioned 9 DMTs to me in total. Since reading up on these with the prospect of starting has been quite overwhelming. 😩I can relate to all the peoples posts I’ve seen on here where they say they didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of their lives. The diagnosis has meant my husband & I have had to think/plan about when we’ll want children, if we look to start a family soon it then limits my DMT choice. Do I have to pick one of the DMTs suggested or do I need to read up on them all? I thought you had to fit the criteria for certain DMTs? The majority of the ones that have been mentioned to me are 30% reduction in relapses, should I be looking to go with the highest % reduction in relapses? I’ve been looking on the ms trust site for info on DMTs. The thought of injecting myself and having injection site reactions is a big worry to me. I’ve changed my diet & lifestyle over the last year to help myself as much as possible too. So I’m determined to do what I can. Any words of advice for a newbie trying to find a good starting point. 🤯