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Hi, so dont know what to do. Ive known about my Ms over 7 years and only had 2 relapses. Ive also only ever tried 1 drug... Avonex for 6 months and then came off it as I felt it was effecting quality of life. This week Ive found out the results to latest MRI...3 new lesions and enhancement of existing one. Ive seen a few Neurologists and they all give me the same advise; start treatment ASAP, any treatment as long as Im on treatment. Ive done so well without treatment and kept stable without treatment.. Ive just taken high doses of vitamin D and B12 and tried to stick to low dairy, low red meat diet (sort of trying to stick Professor Jellinek's OMS diet). Although I havent had a clinical relapse in over 4 years, this is still considered progression as its radiological (a silent relapse if you like). Im stuck with trying my luck with a treatment or do nothing. Its not like Im anti medication but I just dont know if its worth taking any medication with only the possibility that it MAY delay the progression of this disease and a certainty that it will have ongoing side effects aswell as damage my kidneys and whatever else. I feel like its a catch 22. Ive reduced my work hours after my 2nd relapse. I live alone and support myself. Should I progress with my condition or feel ill regularly due to treatment I wont be able to work. Government benefits will not be enough to cover my rent let alone living expenses. Help, let me know what treatment youve taken and if its working well for you, or just let me know your thoughts.. thanks guys.