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Hi everyone. My name is Kevin, and I was diagnosed with MS about a year and a half ago. What a whirlwind journey so far. I actually have a question for anyone thats felt this...i had a very serious bout of anxiety and stress in mid July; I've started yet another drug for that but does anyone have recommendations for dealing with that naturally? Thanks in advance.



Hi i follow the best bet diet low fat, no gluten, no dairy and low sugar, with supplements it's hard to follow but i feel so much better on it, my husband brought me a book by Judy Graham Ms naturally when I was first diagnosed it's got lots of great information on diets and exercises.



See a counsellor about it go through nhs Iapt you can self refer



Hello @kevin_jackson. Many people with MS have experienced added anxiety through the Covic crisis, myself included and I've never had anxiety before. I found some Chi Gong exercises on Youtube which really helped. You need to find something personal which is an antidote to anxiety. For example, listening to music, watching trash TV, tea and chocolate, anything that distracts you, then always make sure you build a window for that into your day; if you know it's there, it will give you that added bit of security. All the best :-)