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Diet: Overcoming MS (OMS)

Hi all 👋🏻 Just wondering if anyone has heard of or tried the OMS 7-step plan? I’ve been reading over it today and might bring it up at my next neuro appointment *if* I can iron out a tiny bit rather important detail - Chocolate. Apparently cocoa in the form of chocolate and chocolate bars is not recommended on the OMS Diet step of the plan ☹️ I am whole-heartedly willing to try the plan as it is, if my MS Team agrees or recommends. But if there is anyway I can keep chocolate in there on the regular then that would just be fantastic! Does anyone know of any OMS friendly chocolate bars on the market? Preferably made without cow or coconut milk (they’re big no-no’s on the OMS plan). Hopefully there’s a saviour out there 😇 😂