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Might sound silly but what cars would you recommend for a person with RRMS My car now is getting old and she needs a rest bless her. But I'm wondering what I should get. Now I have no real issues at the moment but I keep my cars till there is no saving them. So I'm thinking of the long game here 🤔 Thanks in advance



I wished I had brought an automatic car because i now have trouble changing gear because of my left leg but I have now given up driving because of my eyesight.



I changed to an automatic last year as my left leg became weak and I didn’t have the strength to use the clutch.



I would also recommend an automatic, my next one will be automatic. Would also recommend something you can get in and out of easily, perhaps something like a Renault Scenic size / height... Go around a few car dealers to find out suits you best, anything that makes your life easier.



if you are getting the full amount of PIP/DLA ou should be able to join the Motability scheme. This is not a car for free as they take some of your PIP/DLA benefit, but if you live with a bit less benefit this is a good option. A Motability dealer will recommend various cars suitable for you and arrange hand controls if you need them (these can be retro fitted if the car is an automatic)



Definitely one that is easy to get out of, ie with high seats. Our. At is lovely and comfortable, but the doors are really heavy and you have to haul yourself up and out, rather than just step out



Everyone with MS is a unique puzzle so a recommendation to cover EVERYONE would be impossible ;-) I have hip issues, perhaps somewhat related to MS, and had the right one replaced a couple of years ago and my hip flexors have always been tight. I also buy car to last at least 10 years. In my last one I went with a small SUV (as most of America now is!) due to the higher seats and vantage point. It was a Hyundai Sante Fe and it lasted 11 years and 242k miles. I replaced it last year with a Toyota Rav4 and I like it. I was insistent that it had the full Nav system and electronics. That really helps me. I couldn't stand printing out directions ahead of time and referring to them or working with a phone map/navigation. Besides needing something easy to get into and out of with my hip I had to start thinking of cognitive ease as well. I have to say being able to increase and decrease speed one lever push at a time is also nice so I don't need to use my right leg (the bad one) for that is so nice. And when in cruise control it automatically controls speed to stay a set distance away from the car in front of me. My daughter also needed her first car this year and we got her the Mazda CX3 and between the two they both prefer that SUV and I like it just fine as well and it cost 2/3 what my Rav4 cost and it has equal or better features but we bought it with a low amount of miles.



kate, any car as long as it is automatic, I also have adaptations as having drop foot I accelerate and indeed brake using my hand, so much easier and gives you freedom. take a read of my blog www.wholesorts.com



Thank you guys for the comments! Automatic it is 😊



A red one... they go faster



For me ive gone with Toyota there long standing record also for myself i like SUV its higher up more like a truck !! Fills safe 4 runner i had for 15 + years raised my kids with that truck!!! Just depends