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Newly diagnosed & baffled

Hi there everyone After the weirdest time in limbo, I was diagnosed with MS by post in March this year and after having dropped off the MS dept radar completely, I managed to get a follow-up appointment with the 2nd neurologist I'd been "passed on" to last Thursday which went really badly ( he was very impatient with my impaired mobility, refused to explain anything to me because "he had other patients" then kicked me out of my own appointment. I kid you not.) Needless to say the frustration about all this is new chapter is feeling like a very long corridor to nowhere. I'm planning to change hospital ( this happened in Swindon ) and was wondering if anyone has had a normal / positive experience with their neurologist at Bath or Bristol which are the next closes next locations available to me. I'm trying to not go in blind into the "care" of the next neurologist I encounter. I'm also the next person has a soul - I just don't have the energy to be super stressed about meeting someone who is supposed to help me figure this out. Or worse be told by the MS nurse, that in time I'd grow to love it & him for it :s Any insight on how I can get out of this Twilight Zone feeling would be much appreciated.
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