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Plegridy vs Avonex etc. Side effects?

I've had quite a hard time on Avonex with the side effects. But I've stuck with it for 7 years as it's doing its job and I'm OK MS-wise. It's been getting to me recently though so I've been thinking about the alternatives. I was chuffed to discover that the same drug is now available in 2-weekly injections (as opposed to every week) as Plegridy. (Thanks very much to @embroideress for making me aware of that!) I contacted my MS nurses and they said I can switch in January if I want! I was thinking that only every two weeks would be a big improvement. But I'm feeling a bit worried now that the side effects might be even worse with the bigger dose. I've read a couple of things on the web about 'malaria weekend', which doesn't should very attractive! I wonder if there's anyone who has switched to Plegridy from one of the other interferons, and how the side effects compared? Many thanks!