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Bowel movements

Hi guys, I know this will sound a bit of a eye-opener, but I’m starting to come in need of some advice. For the past year or so, I have witnessed quite the change in my stool movements. Before I noticed the change, I’ve always been one that passes quite easily and freely in the mornings, then little in the afternoon. For the past 8-12 months, I’ve been finding it quite hard to pass any stool what so ever. All this has happened since my latest relapse, the relapse has led me to a new stage of always needing support whenever I move. I am wondering wether bowel habitual changes are part of the MS symptoms you may start to experience. I know that you may say that I left it so long to see to this matter, but I really am starting to feel a tad concerned about it. I would appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give me. I wish everybody all the best. Regards, Jay



@JayJay10 I had become regularly constipated and could go days without any bowel movement before diagnosis last year. I’d almost begun to find it normal. The I started on Aubagio. My neuro told me some people like it because it sorts out constipation and he was right - I’m regular as clockwork now. So that’s a good side effect of my DMD 😉 Anyway I’m saying this as I had no idea that MS could cause constipation before. Have you talked to your MS team about it? If you haven’t then you should... or even your GP.



@JayJay10 Try taking some Senna tablets, workss for me, also if you feel you need to go but fail to poop, elevate your feet, keep them raised using a step and your bowels will drop.



Hey @JayJay10 Are you on any DMs? Changed diet or lifestyle? Check all factors.