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Hi, so I just came back from having my head/spine mri. I can't say that it was a nice experience, it was really loud and enclosed, but I coped. They did all the scans, then the radiologist did one more. So ofcourse, all I'm thinking now is that she has seen something ad wants a closer look. I ask after how long the results take. I have another neuro appointment, but not untill July. She said they will go to the to and Nero within a week, and if they have seen something and they want to talk to me then the neuro will see me sooner. I'm not even more convinced that I has ms and now I feel like one persons knows for sure. I have been given gabapentin and I'm going to start taking it tonight, after panicking about it, gp has suggested I take a lower dose at night to begin with. I don't know what I'm looking for really, maybe just some reassurance that this limbo land will end, and when it does will I fall with a bump when I get the results. Grumpy and twitching, J x