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Ok, big breath… so… I am thinking about getting a wheelchair. I hate the idea – I have no intention of being parked in the corner of a room under a crocheted blanked sipping luke-warm tea and eating egg sandwiches, but I am sick of not having a life. I have now been using crutches for 5 months. My walking improvement has pretty much stabilised, but I am sick of having both hands strapped to the sticks, taking forever to get from A to B, and it wares me out. My brain is truly and deeply fried at the end of the day, just from the effort of trying to get my legs to go somewhere in the vicinity of where I want them to go (with variable amounts of success). Work is a nightmare. Walking, walking, walking. My friends have stopped inviting me out (sick of having me say ‘too hard’ so many times), and I haven’t gone shopping since February (as a 28 year old girl, this is killing me). Take-away coffees are out (not enough hands) as is anywhere that involves distances greater than 500m from a car park, any time constraint, the dark (particularly perilous with my feet) or crowds. So basically anywhere fun that a young person would want to go. The logical part of me knows that a wheelchair for some of the time may be a logical idea… But then the other part of me kicks in and screams “RUN! RUN! As fast as you can!!!” (a difficult task for someone on bilateral mobility aids…) What have other people done? What has been the tipping point? I am only 5 months post relapse (now stable) but so over not having a life. How soon is too soon? Is it too soon? Please someone tell me to pull my head in and it’s all too soon to even start think about! :-( Jas